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The Interview and questions no one wants answered

So Sony finally gave premier to “The Interview”. The movie that was so surrounded with controversy, that the movie itself is beyond secondary. It all started with, yet another, hack of Sony. They had their infrastructur taken hostage, before it apparently self destroyed. They reportedly lost around 100 terabytes of data. Among that data was a DVD version of Fury, the movie with Brad Pitt, some screenplayes, shit ton of “for your eyes only mails” and some very very sensitive personal information on employees.

It all ended with the threat of terror, if The Interviews was launched on it’s planned premier day. From there on everything seemed to go batshit crazy. And who is surprised really.
Things pointed towards North Korea, and since The Interviews is about assassinating Kim Jung Un, well…. Ocham Razor = case closed.

Now, I’m not denying, that there are things pointing in their direction, but please read Bruce Schneiers thougthts on this or Marc Rogers blog post on the Sony Attack.

Basically all the evidence looks way to convenient. The Korean language in the code comments, aren’t of North Korean dialect. The code of the malware isn’t up to goverment sanctioned attack standard. It’s recycled malware code, which is what you typically see from rouge hacker groups, and not from goverment hacker groups. Like with Stuxnet and Regin.

But there is another aspect, and that is, that once again Sony have been reckless with security and data. They leaked 100TB data with out noticing it. Sony knew their network weren’t secure enough (Gizmodo link with another take on it). Their CEO had his secretary email him his password on numerous occasions. Sony lost a lot of sensitive employer information, like salaries, social security numbers and criminal records. Data they didn’t secure properly.
Basically once again Sony proved, they’re not good enough.

But shit got way out of hand, when there suddenly was a terrorist threat, that if movie theaters showed The Interview, there would be 9/11 like terror attacks, and then the world lost it’s shit. TERRORISTS.

So now it was a case of not having a terrorist nation pressure anyone into censorship. This was a case of freedom of speech now. Democrasy. Eagles. It was suddenly damn near an act of war.
And Sony kept quit, because this helped them. They are in for a shit ton of lawsuits, from people who been backtalked in mails from managers to managers. People who lost their personal information, that Sony might not have been supposed to have in the first place. Nobody said, wtf Sony. This again. This is the fourth hack in five fucking years. Nobody second guessed the legality in Sony DDoSing torrent trackers.

So many are now, blindly, praising Sony for standing up to North Korea and releasing The Interview online. Google, that helped host the stream, said the did it, because they’re all about information accessibility

Interesting only accessible to the extent, where Sony can make a fortune still, since the launch was regionally locked to the US. “Accessibility”

So where are the fingers pointed at Sony? That Sony once again are doing illegal shit, to help themselves. That they’re still beyond lax with data security. That there are enough reasons to be pissed at Sony. That they have gotten enough enemies in the hacker community because for their arrogance. People are dismissing evidence, and are simply not asking the right questions. Scepticism have been thrown overboard, because of that one word – terror.

And the threat about terror only came long after the start of the hack. It was never mentioned in the start.

I really wish people would be a bit more sceptical, and not just jump to conclussions.